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Smart Home

Saving energy, maximising comfort

What is a Smart Home?

A Smart Home is often referred to as an "eHome" or "Smart Living". Homes are considered ‘smart’ when equipped with a range of interconnected devices, all of which can be monitored and controlled by a computer, smartphone or tablet. Smart devices can span the gamut, from lights, stereos and televisions, all the way to fridge freezers, kettles and more. In this instance, smart technologies come in the form of your heating system components - all connected to your home’s internet and capable of communicating with one another to control your home’s heating.

Smart Homes are designed to reduce unnecessary power consumption, whilst maximising comfort, through simpler and easy to access controls, along with more efficient usage of your heating system itself. Smart Home control plays a major role in Smart Living, allowing heating systems to be controlled anytime, from anywhere, via the internet.

Maximum comfort and efficiency

Smart Home controls allow settings to be adjusted at any time to fit with your individual needs. Whether you need hot water for showers in the morning or want to return to a warm home in the evening, Smart Home systems can be programmed to meet your needs.

With Apps available for smartphone or tablet, the system controller and online communications systems available are a great digital solution that offer customisable programmes and complete flexibility.

Vaillant helps save energy by using Green iQ products. These products combine the highest energy efficiency and climate-friendly heat generation with smart, internet-based control.

In addition, these devices can also be programmed to only provide energy when it's actually needed - offering the potential for high energy-saving. This can include both time and room-specific heating arrangements you can program and set as you desire. The diagram below shows just how in-depth a smart heating system can be, greatly improving heating efficiency over a traditional system that heats the entire home.

Using the Vaillant vSMART app

Vaillant’s smart app based control is called vSMART™. The vSMART™ app can be found at Google Play for Android phones and the App store for Apple devices (both iPhone and iPad versions are available). Or simply search for ‘Vaillant vSMART™'.

vSMART™ gives you easy access to your heating and hot water information, such as energy consumption, outside and inside temperatures and a status report – meaning you are always in full control. The app has been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. There’s even a first time use installation wizard and small questionnaire to help analyse the system usage to define the most efficient heating programme.

Here's a few of our frequently asked questions on the vSMART™

What is Vaillant vSMART™?

vSMART™ is an ERP class IV control is an easy and intuitive wirelessly operated thermostat with electronic ink display. Allowing control of heating and hot water through the Vaillant vSMART™ app.

What is the guarantee period on the vSMART™?

vSMART™ comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee as standard. Terms and conditions apply.

What do you mean by self learning?

vSMART™ learns from its environment. It uses the weather information from the internet and also all the data that has been previously recorded to understand the thermal behaviour of the house. Two weeks after the commissioning and thanks to eBUS communication, vSMART™ is able to ask the boiler when and at which temperature to start to reach the right set-point at the right time.

Where can I download the vSMART™app?

The Vaillant vSMART™ app is available for both Android and apple devices. You can download the app on your mobile device, in the App Store or Google Play.

How can I connect my mobile device?

  • Step 1 – Activate your mobile device’s Bluetooth connection.
  • Step 2 – Press and hold the Bluetooth button/comfort safety mode button on the communication unit for at least five seconds. The Status LED will then flash blue.
  • Step 3 – Implement the WLAN settings using the app. Follow the instructions in the app to do so.

NOTE: For security reasons, only connect the product to an encrypted WLAN. Wi-FI protected set up (WPS) is not supported.

How do I change my desired temperature?

Use the + and – buttons to adjust the set target temperature on the thermostat display or within the vSMART™ app.

What frequency does the vSMART™ communicate on?

The vSMART uses 868MHz transmission frequency between the thermostat and the communication unit.

What is the maximum range of the wireless signal?

100m maximum free field range, ≈ 25m maximum range in a building.

Does the thermostat need to be wall mounted?

The vSMART™ comes with the option to wall mount the control or can be free standing depending on the homeowner's preference.

What are the benefits of an electronic ink display?

Electronic ink display reflects light in a similar way to conventional paper. The electronic energy required to display the data is used only for changing the data on the display, saving energy.

What batteries supply power to the thermostat?

Three AAA batteries.

There's a fault code appearing on my unit, what does this mean?