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Heat pumps

Heat pumps use environmental energy to generate heating and hot water for your home.

Incorporating heat pump technology into your home is one of the most economical, effective and at the same time, environmentally friendly ways to cover your heating and hot water needs. There are also the following benefits:

  • Heat pumps produce no emissions
  • They operate efficiently even in cold temperatures, with 75% of energy required, being generated by the environment through the ground, water or air
  • Just 25% of the energy used by a heat pump is provided by electricity.
  • Heat pumps work particularly well for underfloor heating and radiators with low surface temperatures.

The advantages of a heat pump system from Vaillant

  • The utilisation of natural energy sources means the approach to heating and hot water production is particularly sustainable
  • Emission free
  • Efficient: up to 75% of energy comes from the environment
  • Can be used as part of a climate controlled system within the home
  • Simple and robust technology with low maintenance and a long service life

How a heat pump works

When considering renewable heating technology for your home, it is important to remember that there are a range of solutions available to cater to your individual needs. At Vaillant, we don't believe in just providing off the shelf solutions.

For more information, please watch the following videos:

How does a heat pump work?

Research and development behind our heat pump range

If you are interested in a Vaillant heat pump,please fill out this form, and a Vaillant Advance renewables engineer will contact you shortly.

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