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Ground source heat pumps

Ground source heat pumps absorb energy from the ground via a series of pipes that are buried underground.

They absorb heat from the ground via a ground loop or borehole and the compression cycles within the heat pump help to generate heating and hot water to be used in the home.

Ground loops are suitable for larger plots of land, but smaller spaces can still benefit in most cases by drilling boreholes. The size of a ground loop or the number and depth of boreholes required for a project varies depending on the terrain, geographical location and heating and hot water requirements of the property.

Ground source heat pumps are renowned for their efficiency and performance when specified and installed correctly. They can be installed either as a single unit, or multiples units installed in cascade for larger projects.

The right heating system

There is no standard solution when searching for the right heating system. But it is not that difficult to find the system that fits your needs. Talk with your Vaillant heating specialists. They can assist you in planning your new heating installation.

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