Save on your heating bills

Upgrade to a modulating thermostat

Upgrading from an on/off thermostat to a modulating thermostat is a quick and easy way to make your home more comfortable and lower your heating bills as it measure the temperate of your home and sets a target temperature.

  • The thermostat then turns the boiler on to its maximum capacity until the target temperature is reached, then the boiler turns off.
  • It only turns back on again, once the house drops below the target temperature. This is inefficient and means your house often fluctuates either side of the target temperature.
  • A modulating thermostat doesn’t turn the boiler off when it's getting near its temperature, but rather turns it down gradually, so your home stays at the right temperature.
  • It also prevents sudden starts and stops of the boiler, meaning it lasts longer and saves you money on your fuel bill.

vSMART is the most advanced modulating thermostat on the market. Find out more about how it can save you money using the link below.

Find out about vSMART

Vaillant ambiSENSE room control

Vaillant ambiSENSE is a smart radiator valve system that allows you to individually control the temperature for each room in your home via your tablet or smartphone.

  • The valves control the temperature of the room by regulating the flow of hot water through the radiator. They fit easily to your radiators (no tools required) and they connect via wireless.
  • Using the VRC700 app, you can choose which rooms you heat – at any given time, to any given temperature – by fully modulating the boiler to meet the exact requirements, resulting in massive energy savings.

Learn more about ambiSENSE