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Boiler Replacement

If you need to replace your existing Vaillant boiler, here’s everything you need to know.

Vaillant products

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Replacing your Boiler

Here is all you need to know about replacing your boiler

Find an installer

See the Vaillant installers in your local area.

Boiler Finder

Use our Boiler finder tool to find the right solution for you

Find the right heating solution for your home with our Boiler Finder

There are several types of boilers available and deciding what's right for you can sometimes be a little daunting.

That's why we've created a simple to use boiler finder tool that helps ease the process.

This tool is a guide and we strongly advice that you consult a professional heating installer as each installation and heating requirements are unique.

Find the perfect solution with the help of the boiler finder:

The benefits of a new Vaillant boiler

Maximum comfort

  • A commitment to the highest performance, quality and reliability
  • Pioneering smart wireless technology to give you full control of your home's heating
  • Quiet Mark accreditation across all our boilers as standard

Maximum efficiency

  • 30% energy savings with new condensing boiler due to its premium components for lower emissions
  • Lower fuel consumption and bills
  • Leading the market in environmentally friendly heating

Peace of mind

  • Two to five year guarantees as standard
  • Extended warranty available of up to 10 years through your Vaillant Advance Installer
  • Book your annual service quickly and easily

What’s the right boiler for my home?

We’ve got boilers and hot water solutions for virtually every living space, each offering the highest quality, reliability and performance.

Find out more about the right solution for your home.

Combi boilers

  • Better suited for homes with one bathroom
  • Hot water is generated only when it's required
  • Compact in size, so ideal for smaller homes

System boilers

  • Better suited for homes with more than one bathroom
  • Delivers a constant supply of hot water, so perfect for homes with higher hot water needs

Regular (Open Vent) boilers

  • Better suited for homes with multiple bathrooms
  • Ideal where a lot of hot water is used at the same time, in multiple rooms
  • Regular boilers are compatible with solar water and heat pump heating systems, reducing energy costs

Saving energy with a modern efficient Vaillant boiler

You can save up to 30% of your heating costs with a modern, efficient Vaillant condensing boiler.

In combustion processes, such as the combustion of gas in a boiler, the oxygen from the air reacts with the hydrogen from the fuel. Hot water vapor is generated.

While non-condensing boilers just exhaust these gases, and waste the included energy, condensing boilers re-use the contained energy by condensing the water vapour. This makes them around 10% more efficient than a comparable non-condensing system.

Since 2015, non-condensing (conventional) boilers have been banned in the EU. Vaillant have been selling highly efficient condensing boilers since 2015.

What's the cost of a new boiler?

Boiler Prices

Before you buy a new boiler, it's important to get all the facts and understand what will meet your needs.
New boilers often cost a lot and are a significant investment with the cost of a new boiler ranging from £500 - £2,500, with installation costs on top.

  • New boilers are often more energy efficient, meaning that whilst boiler replacement can be costly, it can also result in savings on household energy bills, as modern boilers can result in savings of up to 50% on energy bills. Find out more about cost savings
  • If you have an older boiler that is non condensing it will probably be classed as a band G boiler, with an energy efficiency of less than 70%. If you replace your old boiler with a current ErP 'A rated' condensing Vaillant boiler it will have an energy efficiency of 90%. This could mean a saving of up to £300 a year on energy bills.
  • Savings will depend on your house size and type, and the current levels of energy efficiency your house has. The more insulated your home, the less energy your boiler has to use to maintain the right temperature for you. Find out more about heating tips and how to reduce monthly bills.

How to buy

Choosing the right heating system for your home

1. Find your boiler

There are several types of boilers available and deciding what's right for you can sometimes be a little daunting.

That’s why we’ve created a simple to use boiler finder tool that helps ease the process.

The Boiler Finder tool will help you to find the perfect heating solution.

2. Get a free quote

Find your local Gas Safe registered Vaillant Advance installers and they'll be able to share a no obligation, free of charge quotation with you on request.

Find an installer

3. Register your guarantee

Once your boiler has been installed, register the guarantee online - or your installer can do it for you.

It’s important to get your boiler serviced annually to help maintain it and save you money in the long-run.

Ask your installer or

register your guarantee online.

Connected home

Connected home means you can control your heating and hot water wherever you are. Our vSMART technology means that as soon as your system is installed, it starts to learn about your home’s heating needs. It works intuitively and only ever uses the exact amount of energy it needs – so it’s better for the environment and means your fuel bills are lower.

vSMART works via the smartphone app, so you can control the whole system with the click of a button. You can even connect your vSMART to Amazon Echo, so you can ask Alexa to change the heating without leaving the sofa.

Find out more about vSMART™ intelligent room control with app

Find your perfect replacement system

If you want to replace your current boiler with a modern Vaillant device and benefit from increased efficiency, you can either

  • Find and plan your replacement system with a Vaillant expert in your area
  • Find a matching replacement system for your individual needs with our boiler finder
  • Select your current Vaillant boiler and find matching replacement options detailed below.
Discontinued ProductsReplacement Solution
ecoMAX 824/2E
ecoMAX 824E
ecoTEC plus 824
turboMAX VUW 242
ecoTEC plus 825
ecoMAX 828/2E
ecoTEC plus 831
turboMAX VUW 242
ecoTEC plus 832
ecoMAX 835E
ecoTEC plus 837
ecoTEC plus 838