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Advance app

Designed to help your business run as efficiently as a Vaillant boiler. The new Advance app from Vaillant is built by engineers, for engineers.

Look forward to a better way of working

Before you install Vaillant, install the Advance App. Instantly you’re connected with the most sophisticated knowledge base in the industry. Immediately, you cut time-wasting admin. And you quickly get rewarded for your hard work.

Click on the Advance dashboard and you’ll discover a wealth of useful functions and features that, you won’t be able to work without.

Register your new installations or view your previous ones

Your digital record of your relationship with the client, right from the start. It’s where you’ll add warranties, access Benchmark documents and Gas Safe notifications. You can even work offline when you don’t have a signal and Advance will update when you’re online again!

Search for and complete a Benchmark service record

Time for a service? If you were the boiler installer, Advance will send you a reminder. If you didn’t, scan in the barcode and Advance does the rest.

Act on sales leads from Vaillant

We send you the leads. If you follow up, Advance keeps a record of the details for your reference.

Take part in eLearning or choose a training course

Our extensive eLearning portal will open in your browser. Or, if it’s face-to-face training you need, simply organise everything here, using the app.

Read the latest Vaillant news and important message

It’s all happening at Vaillant. The apps Message Centre will display all your unread and archived news, making sure you’re always part of the conversation.

Update your account details and profile

It’s all about you, so make sure all your contact details and company information is kept up to date.

Use Gadgets that simplify everyday chores

Locate a merchant. Track down the nearest spares stockist. Convert from imperial to metric. Use the built-in calculator. Or even turn your phone into a torch.

Tap into a wealth of support back-up

Access our contact list. Look up your local sales manager. Or find that fault by inputting the error code.

Access Vaillant’s encyclopaedic library of product information

Here’s the portal for installation manuals, data tables, fault codes, user manuals, consumer leaflets, spares catalogues and stockist listings. Even those products out of production are covered.

As if these weren’t reasons enough to be a member of Vaillant Advance, using the app allows you to earn cash and credits - which you can redeem on cool stuff - and gives you access to extended warranty options exclusive to Advance members.

Look forward to working with Advance.

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