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VRC 700 / VRC 700f Weather Compensating Thermostats

Wired or wireless weather compensating programmable room thermostat

  • Works with our complete range of Vaillant boilers
  • Flexible time programs
  • Works with S & Y plan systems
  • Clear, high contrast backlit display


The complete system control


The wired VRC 700 and the wireless VRC 700f system controls allow you to take control of your Vaillant heating and hot water system. Designed to work harmoniously with all current Vaillant products, the VRC 700 and the VRC 700f effortlessly ensure your appliances are working to their peak performance, always maintaining optimum efficiency.

Why choose the VRC 700 / VRC 700f

  • Designed with simplicity and familiarity in mind. The VRC 700 and the VRC 700f system controls have been designed to be easy to use by using a familiar menu structure it makes controlling the system easy and efficient
  • Intelligently communicates with all Vaillant appliances. triVAI® the hybrid management system that works with aroTHERM hybrid, will also automatically choose and deliver the most efficient and cost effective appliance and crucially does not require any intervention from the end user
  • Compatible with the full range of Vaillant boilers
  • Talks to the boilers using eBUS language to fully modulate. Ensuring the boiler is always working to its peak performance
  • Holiday function prevents the heating and hot water coming on whilst away and reinstates it upon return
  • Programs stored in memory permanently, holds time and temperature programs, even in the event of a power failure



Unit VRC 700 VRC 700f
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm115 x 147 x 50115 x 147 x 50
Power supplyveBUS 24vBattery
Minimum cross-section of the eBUS & sensor wiremm20.75/
Adjustable temperature range˚C5 - 305 - 30
Maximum ambient temperature˚C5050
ErP class-66
ErP contribution%44

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