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Heat exchanger module

Wall-mounted and compact heat exchanger for aroTHERM heat pump systems

  • Designed to be used with the aroTHERM heat pump range
  • Reduces the amount of glycol needed for a complete system
  • Wall hung and compact for easy siting
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The wall-mounted heat exchanger module separates the heat pump circuit from the heating system circuit.

As the heat pump is fitted outside the property, it is subjected to changing weather conditions and as such, requires the fluid flowing through the heat pump to have frost protection, to ensure that it does not freeze and damage the heat pump. Filling the entire heating system with glycol can be expensive; the heat exchanger module allows connected glycol circuits to be separated from heating circuits. The heat exchanger module will prevent the contamination of glycol circuits in the event that radiators are removed or drained and re-filled. In addition, the heat exchanger module is supplied with integral fill and flush points for a simpler installation.

The forty plates within the module ensure that the energy is transferred from the heat pump circuit to the heating circuit as efficiently as possible. Air bleed vents/valves within the module also help prevent air getting trapped within the system.

Features and benefits:

  • Designed to separate the heat pump glycol circuit from the heating circuit - Only a small proportion of the system is required to be filled with glycol
  • Wall-mounted, compact and lightweight - 500mm (H) x 250mm (D) x 360mm (W) for easy and flexible siting.
  • Modulating circuit pump ErP A rated - 35% more energy efficient than a standard pump, making the heating circuit ready to comply with future legislation.
  • Fill and flush points for the heat pump glycol circuit - Quick and easy to install with no extra cost.



Technical dataUnitHeat exchanger module
Dimensions (H x D x W)mm500 x 250 x 360
Net weightkg12
Maximum admissible water pressurebar3.0
Minimum admissible water pressurebar0.5
Maximum electrical consumption (pump) IP X4

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