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geoTHERM mini ground source heat pump

230V ground source heat pump

  • MCS accredited
  • Suitable for specification in the social housing and new build developments
  • Provides both heating and hot water
  • Wall hung and compact for easy siting
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geoTHERM mini is the UK’s first wall-hung ground source heat pump, specifically designed to address the challenges that developers, landlords and housing associations face when considering renewable technology. This compact heat pump is suitable for social, new build housing and low energy homes (Passive Haus), providing a highly efficient decentralised heating and hot water system solution.

Features and benefits:

  • Can utilise an existing plant room - Great for retrofit projects that are looking to move towards more sustainable technologies
  • Can completely replace a centralised fossil fuel plant - Designed to replace existing heating systems that rely on fossil fuels
  • Significantly reduces the carbon footprint of each building - Much lower CO2 when compared to a centralised fossil fuel based system and provides zero emissions at point of use.
  • Provides both heating and domestic hot water - Can cater for all the heating and hot water requirements for small and large buildings.
  • Ideal for multi-occupancy and multi-story buildings - flats, apartments and small buildings - geoTHERM mini is wall-hung and compact, so ideal for tight spaces often found in apartments.
  • Obtains energy from either communal ground array, boreholes, water boreholes, rivers, lakes or streams - Uses sustainable renewable energy from either ground or water sources.
  • Designed to work on a decentralised scheme, making it suitable for individual property metering - Helps occupants to have more control over their energy bills and only pay for the energy they use.
  • MCS accredited - May qualify for government incentives, such as RHI.



Technical dataUnitgeoTHERM mini
Product dimensions (W x H x D )mm440 x 426 x 720
Weight, with packagingkg67
Weight, without packagingkg59
Weight, ready for operationkg66
ErP rating (@ 35°C)bandA++
ErP rating (@ 55°C)bandA+
MCS SCoP performance table  
35°C 3.99
40°C 3.53
45°C 3.06
50°C 3.02
55°C 2.97

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Vaillant renewable products and accessories are available over the counter or as a next day service at most plumbing and heating merchants throughout the UK.

We can provide you with bespoke solutions to accommodate a variety of installations. To discuss your requirements please contact us.