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ecoTEC plus 612, 615, 618, 624, 630 and 637

ecoTEC plus system boiler

  • Step by step full text installation wizard
  • Flame lift detection system
  • ErP 'A' rated
  • 5-year guarantee as standard, with 7 years available when you book a Vaillant Advance installer or 10 years when fitted with a Boiler Protection Kit by a Vaillant Advance installer*


*10 year guarantee only available on boilers with an output of up to 45kWs

The ecoTEC plus range of system boilers is available in a wide range of output models including 12, 15, 18, 24, 30 and 37kW, meaning that there is a suitable model for almost any home. The stylish design and small dimensions also make it a perfect fit with any home.

Features and benefits:

  • Removable side panels – For additional accessibility flexibility
  • Highly efficient and economical to run – With up to an 89.4% efficiency rating (SAP 2009)
  • Advance modulation during periods of low heat demand – Ensuring low energy consumption and maximum efficiency
  • Flame lift detection system – Enabling more efficient and quieter combustion
  • Quiet Mark accredited – Thanks to being ultra quiet whilst in operation
  • Stylish contoured case design with drop down flap – Making this a boiler which fits with the décor of any home
  • Total system solution available from one manufacturer – Intelligent controls, cylinders and accessories all available
  • Dedicated models available for LPG – Giving a solution for off-gas areas
  • Step by step full text installation wizard - For quicker ‘first time right’ set up and installation
  • Standard 2 year warranty, can be upgraded to a free 7 year warranty when registered through Vaillant Advance
  • Option to purchase an extended warranty up to 10 years when registered through Vaillant Advance

Download your ErP label here

ecoTEC plus 612 ErP label (63 kB)

ecoTEC plus 615 ErP label (62 kB)

ecoTEC plus 618 LPG ErP label (63 kB)

ecoTEC plus 618 ErP label (62 kB)

ecoTEC plus 630 ErP label (63 kB)

ecoTEC plus 630 LPG ErP label (63 kB)

ecoTEC plus 638 ErP label (63 kB)



Technical dataUnit of measureecoTEC plus 612ecoTEC plus 615ecoTEC plus 618ecoTEC plus 618 LPGecoTEC plus 624ecoTEC plus 630ecoTEC plus 630 LPGecoTEC plus 637
Boiler type systemsystemsystemsystemsystemsystemsystemsystem
SIgnature model output 12kW15kW18kW18kW24kW30kW30kW37kW
Article number 00100218280010021829001002183000100218310010021832001002183300100218340010021835
Gas Council number 41-694-2041-694-2141-694-2241-694-2341-694-2441-694-2541-694-2641-694-27
Boiler dimensions (HxWxD)mm720 x 440 x 338720 x 440 x 338720 x 440 x 338720 x 440 x 338720 x 440 x 338720 x 440 x 372720 x 440 x 372720 x 440 x 406
Nominal heat output range at 50/30˚C (Condensing mode)kW3.3 - 12.93.3 - 16.14.1 - 19.35.5 - 19.35.7 - 25.76.4 - 32.29.4 - 32.17.1 - 39.6
Nominal heat output range at 80/60˚C (Non condensing mode)kW3 - 12.23 - 15.43.8 - 18.55 - 18.25.2 - 24.45.8 - 30.48.5 - 30.46.4 - 37.6
Maximum flow temperature˚C8585858585858585
Flow temperature range˚C30 - 8530 - 8530 - 8530 - 8530 - 8530 - 8530 - 8530 - 85
Flow temperature factory setting˚C7575757575757575
Approximate condensate volume at 50/30˚Clitres/hr1.
Modulation (max/min)1 : X1:4.11:5.11:4.91:3.71:4.71:5.21:5.21:5.9
Domestic Hot Water
Maximum heat output for water generationkW12.215.418.518.524.430.430.437.6
Lowest water pressure to operate boilerbar--------
Lowest water flow for operationl/min--------
Lowest water pressure for maximum flow ratebar0.
Domestic hot water flow rate (at DT = Δ35K) *l/min--------
Hot water output temperature range
Expansion vessel sizelitres1010101010101010
Gas inlet connection (pipe size)mm1515151515151515
Heating flow and return connections (pipe size)mm2222222222222222
Hot and cold water connections (pipe size)mm--------
Heat exchangers materialStainless/AluminiumStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
Boiler lift weight (Dry boiler)kg3636363637383843
NOx class 55555555
NOx (En 15502-2-1)mg/kWh2626323935326435
SEDBUK SAP seasonal efficiency %89.389.289.689.689.689.789.589.5
ErP efficiency%9293949494949494
ErP decibel rating (sound power)dBa4343474749474950
Fluing options
Maximum horizontal flue length 60/100m222212125.
Maximum vertical flue length 60/100m262616-88-8
Maximum horizontal flue length 80/125m252539-3232-32
Maximum vertical flue length 80/125m272741-3434-34

*flow restrictor fitted to achieve a Δ42K rise

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Related Products

Domestic boiler cylinders

  • Slim line, pre plumbed and standard cylinders in the range
  • 2 year guarantee on parts and labour plus 25 year guarantee for the cylinder shell, giving you total peace of mind.
  • Can be retrofitted onto older systems meaning you can upgrade your cylinder without the hassle of the entire system.
  • Improved insulation meaning heat loss is minimised and lower running costs
  • Adjustable feet meaning the cylinder can be installed on uneven ground.

vSMART™ intelligent room control with app

  • Smart phone app for both Android and Apple iOS application
  • Self learning
  • Weather compensation
  • Connect multiple vSMART controllers to one app
  • Wireless connection


Alternative products

Alternative products

auroTHERM exclusive VTK 570 (discontinued)

  • Standardised roof bracket system
  • Vertical collector available for on-roof and flat roof installations with mounting bracket options
  • Tubes guaranteed for 10 years against loss of vacuum
  • Up to six collectors can be connected in a series
  • Compound Parabolic Concentrator (CPC)