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auroSTOR cylinders

Solar cylinder range

  • Easy to clean - High quality VG white powder coating
  • Best in class stand by energy losses
  • Inline front connections
  • Adjustable feet meaning the cylinder can be installed on uneven ground
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Performance and reliability are what Vaillant are all about. That’s why our products have been expertly designed and engineered to work to their full potential together. Working in perfect harmony with the Vaillant range of solar thermal systems, the auroSTOR cylinder range uses state of the art insulation to give the ultimate efficiency.

What's in the auroSTOR range?

  • 200 litre twin coil solar cylinder
  • 250 litre twin coil solar cylinder
  • 300 litre twin coil solar cylinder

500 litre auroSTOR also available. For further information please contact your local sales representative.



Solar cylindersUnit200 litre auroSTOR250 litre auroSTOR300 litre auroSTOR
Article Number 002023527500202352760020235277
Total tank capacity l 199.0249.8298.7
Actual capacity (without coil)l 191.0241.8281.3
Hot water capacity / draw off l Solar coil 127.0/Reheat coil 187.0Solar coil 148.0/Reheat coil 231.0Solar coil 159.0/ Reheat coil 249.7
Outer diameter with insulation mm595595595
Height with insulationmm1.241.511.77
Net weight empty cylinder kg44.3 51.8 58
Weight of filled cylinder kg237.6 298.4 351.3
Insulation thickness mm505050
Standby losses kWh/24h1.29 1.481.64
ErP LabelbandBBB
Reheat time EN 12897minutes21.48 27.35 30.7
Reheat time (70%) minutes15.04 19.15 21.49
Heat exchanger power / coil rating kWSolar coil
Reheat coil
Solar coil
Reheat coil
Solar coil
Reheat coil
Heat exchanger surface m2Solar coil
Reheat coil
Solar coil
Reheat coil
Solar coil
Reheat coil
Primary flow ratel/h900900900
Maximum operating DHW temperature °C85 8585
Maximum operating heat circuit temperature°C959595
Temperature / PressureT&P valve °C / bar95 / 9 95 / 9 95 / 9
Secondary return  yesyesyes
Primary heat exchanger /
flow & return connection
inch¾ ¾ ¾
Cold & hot water connection inch¾ ¾ ¾
Temperature sensor sleeve diameter mm888
Quantity of temperature sensor tubes  222
Immersion heater boss diameterinch1 ¼1 ¼1 ¼
Immersion heater  230 V / 50 Hz 230 V / 50 Hz 230 V / 50 Hz
Immersion heater powerkW3.03.03.0
Motorised 2-way valve  230 V / 50 Hz 230 V / 50 Hz 230 V / 50 Hz

Related Products

Related Products

auroTHERM exclusive VTK 570 (discontinued)

  • Standardised roof bracket system
  • Vertical collector available for on-roof and flat roof installations with mounting bracket options
  • Up to six collectors can be connected in a series

auroTHERM VFK 145

  • Standardised roof bracket system
  • Push fit hydraulic connections
  • Structured solar glass 3.2mm thick with 91% solar transmission


  • Mircogeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accredited
  • Total system available under one article number
  • Suited for commercial properties


How to get

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Vaillant renewable products and accessories are available over the counter or as a next day service at most plumbing and heating merchants throughout the UK.

We can provide you with bespoke solutions to accommodate a variety of installations. To discuss your requirements please contact us.