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aroSTOR domestic hot water heat pump

Air-to-water domestic hot water heat pump

  • Highly energy efficient and reliable
  • Flexible siting options with a small footprint
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Hot water on demand
  • ErP A+ rated product
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aroSTOR range of domestic hot water heat pumps features 200 and 270 litre models, perfect for additional hot water requirements in larger homes or small businesses where these is a high hot water demand.

Incredibly efficient and sustainable, aroSTOR uses thermal energy to heat hot water collected via an external air duct or it can be recycle hot air from within the room where it’s installed. The only other energy needed is the electricity to run the appliance.

aroSTOR heat pumps use only R290 natural refrigerant, which is used widely in household appliances such as domestic fridge freezers. With R290, aroSTOR gives excellent performance for water heating as it can deliver 60° in the cylinder without any need for a back-up heater, whilst still providing strong efficiency levels.

Features and benefits:

  • Two models available – aroSTOR 200 and 200 litre
  • Flexible siting options – A small footprint and range of 360° air duct accessories offers flexible options for siting of the appliance
  • Highly energy efficient and reliable – Gives high COP of >3.19 and best possible ErP label of A+
  • Controls – Comes with integrated control
  • High quality material and components – Stainless steel tank comes with a five year warranty (two years for other components)
  • Extremely quiet operation – Advanced insulation and use of rubber on the compressor for quiet operation
  • Hot water on demand – Self-managing hot water comfort with electrical back up heater for hot water boost (and Legionella protection)
  • No additional measurements required on site – Completely stand-alone hot water solution
  • 1.2kW titanium electrical back-up heater – Titanium is a more corrosion resistant material than copper whilst is also more resistant to calcium build up, giving excellent lifetime performance and reliability
  • Easy transportation – aroSTOR is top heavy so we deliver it in a strong bag that is easy for two people to carry



aroSTOR 200 litrearoSTOR 270 litre
Nominal capacity200l270l
Outer diameter624 mm634 mm
Height1,458 mm1,783 mm
Weight (when empty)55kg68kg
Weight (filled)255kg338kg
Cylinder materialStainless steelStainless steel
Heat insulationPolyurethane foam 50 mmPolyurethane foam 50 mm
Type of electric heaterImmersion / TiImmersion / Ti
Thermal losses 55°C1,61 kW/24h1,77 kW/24h
DHW temperature range (HP only)30 to 60°C30 to 60°C
Max. temperature of DHW HP inlet domestic water70°C70°C
Minimal air flow range320 m3/h320 m3/h
Nominal air flow range350 m3/h350 m3/h
Maximum air flow range (non ducted)400 m3/h400 m3/h
Maximum pressure6 bar6 bar
Max. hot water temperature (HP + back up heater)65°C65°C
Maximum pressure of the T&P relief vale7 bar7 bar
Macimum temperature of the T&P relief vale90°C90°C


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Vaillant renewable products and accessories are available over the counter or as a next day service at most plumbing and heating merchants throughout the UK.

We can provide you with bespoke solutions to accommodate a variety of installations. To discuss your requirements please contact us.