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aroCOLLECT air source brine collector module

Provides air source adaptation for the flexoTHERM heat pump

  • Enables flexoTHERM to work as an air source heat pump
  • Highly efficient and quiet during operation
  • Ideal for larger domestic properties, commercial and agricultural projects
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The aroCOLLECT air source brine collector module acts as an alternative to a ground loop and is compatible with 400V flexoTHERM models.

aroCOLLECT is a three-phase air collector that uses the ambient air temperature to warm the brine fluid just like a ground loop system. The result is a high-efficiency air-to-water heat exchanger that ensures there is no heat loss between the outside and indoors. It features fully modulating ventilators with minimal sound production, which means the system runs very quietly, operating with a very low noise level of 39.8dB(A) (400V, 5kW).

aroCOLLECT features a twin unit connection using balanced Tichelmann piping, reverse return system and is ideal for outdoor use in agricultural, commercial and residential projects.

Features and benefits:

  • Provides air source adaptation for flexoTHERM heat pumps - Offers an alternative to a ground loop for 400V flexoTHERM models.
  • Features a twin unit connection using balanced Tichelmann piping - Ideal for outdoor use in agricultural, commercial and residential projects.
  • Ensures there is no heat loss between the outside and indoors - aroCOLLECT is a highly efficient air-to-water heat exchanger, which reduces any heat losses despite being located outdoors.
  • Fully modulating ventilators - Produces minimal sound, for super quiet operation at 39.8dB(A) (400V, 5kW).



flexoTHERM 400V with aroCOLLECT air brine collectorUnit5kW8kW11kW15kW19kW
aroCOLLECT modules x1x1x1x2x2
Heating output A7/W35 ΔT 5KkW6.118.6911.4015.0819.68
Power consumption A7/W35 ΔT 5KkW1.271.872.463.154.44
Output figure A7/W35 ΔT 5K / coefficient of performance EN 14511 4.784.644.634.794.43
Heating output A7/W45 ΔT 8KkW5.988.9511.9315.3720.46
Power consumption A7/W45 ΔT 8KkW1.622.403.133.995.54
Output figure A7/W45 ΔT 8K / coefficient of performance EN 14511 3.693.733.803.853.69
Heating output A7/W55 ΔT 8KkW6.059.4012.1415.7820.72
Power consumption A7/W55 ΔT 8KkW1.942.913.804.816.55
Output figure A7/W55 ΔT 8K / coefficient of performance EN 14511
Sound power level A7/W35
EN 12102/EN 14511 LWI in heating mode
SCop Performance table
Air source (with aroCOLLECT) 35˚C 4.354.214.104.514.08
Air source (with aroCOLLECT) 40˚C 3.843.753.643.913.57
Air source (with aroCOLLECT) 45˚C 3.333.303.183.463.21
Air source (with aroCOLLECT) 50˚C
Air source (with aroCOLLECT) 55˚C

For a full technical specification see flexoTHERM 400V webpage. Alternatively please download the technical specification in the downloads section.

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