Turning the coldest place, into the cosiest with Vaillant heat pumps

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Discover how one man, transformed one of the coldest places, into the cosiest of places

Meet Ake, – an 80 year old man who is the single inhabitant of Naimakka, Sweden. He took over the running of the weather station from his parents in 1981 and his nearest neighbour in 3km away.

Until recently, Ake has been heating his home with just a wood stove. The outside temperatures can drop down to as low as -40°C, which often resulted in frozen pipes that he had to thaw out using an electric machine.

But here at Vaillant, we took the challenge of helping Ake create the warmest and cosiest home by installing a flexoTHERM heat pump for him – perfect for this wilderness where a gas boiler isn’t an option.

Easy to install, even in the most extreme environments

When we can still do our job in the most challenging of places, we know we are doing something right. Vaillant heat pumps are designed to be easy to install and maintain, even in the most extreme of environments. Ake’s heat pump was installed quickly and easily, even in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius.

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Rigorous testing and quality as standard

Vaillant heat pumps are designed to work in extreme environments. Every Vaillant heat pump has been subjected to rigorous testing, and quality checks, to ensure that every product meets the Vaillant standard.

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A reputation to be proud of

At Vaillant, we are incredibly proud of our renewable heating portfolio. But don’t just take our word for it. Vaillant heat pumps have become a firm favourite amongst professional installers, specifiers and architects – and not just in the UK, but worldwide. The efficiency, build quality and aesthetic design that Vaillant renewable products offer, means our clients are able to offer bespoke solutions to their customers.

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Vaillant heat pump range

Vaillant has an extensive range of renewable heating and hot water products, consisting of heat pumps, solar thermal and a range of accessories. We also offer dedicated training and support to installers, so you can feel confident specifying and installing Vaillant renewables not only the first time, but every time.

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Join the growing number of installers who love Vaillant Group

Through telling Ake’s story, we want to make homeowners all across the UK aware that Vaillant offers innovative renewable solutions – and we want you to join the campaign too.

Our campaign will generate leads for our Advance renewable installers through online campaign, by targeting homeowners who have shown an interest in green heating solutions. We’ve also designed some ready-made marketing materials for you to use as part of your own campaigns, to help you spread the word on renewable heating solutions to your customers.

So what are you waiting for?

By signing up to become a Vaillant Advance installer, not only will you be able to join our campaign to spread the word on renewables to more customers, you will also be able to access the following benefits:

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Find out more and stay tuned for more information on our campaign which will be going live very soon!

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