About Vaillant Commercial Systems

Vaillant is a long established, family owned heating manufacturer, with a heritage that dates back to 1874. Vaillant’s dedication to continually innovate has resulted in the development of ground breaking products that incorporate the latest technology.

Today, we are still shaping the future, this time in the commercial market. The world has changed, but our dedication to quality, efficiency and precision hasn’t.

In 2006, Vaillant expanded into the Commercial heating sector and set about changing how heating technology was perceived and designed. Commercial heating systems were large, complex and often involved multiple manufacturers for individual components and accessories. Vaillant tackled this by launching a range of compact floor standing and wall-hung commercial boilers, along with compatible controls and accessories. Each product was designed by utilising the extensive expertise and experience of skilled designers and engineers at Vaillant. Ease of installation, simple maintenance, efficiency and fully compatible system accessories were at the core of the development of this new commercial range.

Today, Vaillant continues to build on its unrivalled reputation and has expanded its commercial range to include a broad range of both floor standing and wall-hung boilers, as well as heat pumps, plate heat exchangers, cylinders and controls.

Every Vaillant Commercial boiler is hand built by a single expert.

While we constantly embrace cutting-edge production processes, we have always been careful to maintain a human touch. This is why each boiler is hand built by a single expert, giving them 100% ownership.

Our Assembly Management Service (AMS) tells the operator exactly what to do and in what sequence. Bluetooth tools allow precise measurement at every stage, right down to the exact torque required for each screw. AMS can even detect if an error has been made, preventing any imperfections from slipping through the cracks.

Taking every boiler they produce from inception to completion, our specialist engineers take pride in each step of the production process. Even ‘autographing’ the finished product with their own unique ID.

Only during the packing stages do we let our robots get involved.No shortcuts.

No room for error. Exactly the way we like it.