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Vaillant produces Ground Source Heat Pump video diary

Heating and technology manufacturer Vaillant has produced a mini-documentary capturing the install of one of its ground source heat pumps as part of a home renovation project.

The video diary records the lifespan of the installation, from the very first site visit to lay the initial ground works, all the way through to the heat pump being commissioned and switched on for the first time. It also explains the financial and fuel savings anticipated and how the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is set to deliver payments in excess of £18,000 over the next seven years to the pump’s new owners.

Affectionately known as the Meaden Project, Emma and Richard Meaden’s ambitious renovation project saw the installation of a Vaillant geoTHERM exclusive 8kW ground source heat pump (GSHP) system, designed to meet all the couple’s heating and hot water demands via renewable energy sources, while keeping their ongoing energy bills to a minimum.

The video, which guides the viewer through the lifespan of a GSHP install, explaining each step taken across the installation’s journey, is a valuable resource for both installers and consumers looking to understand GSHP technology and its associated savings. Lincolnshire-based firm Orangehouse Renewables carried out the installation.

John Bailey, Vaillant’s commercial and renewable systems director comments: “We wanted to produce a video that differed from the installation videos generally produced by manufacturers, and to debunk some of the myths associated with GSHP technology and installation. This is a deliberately honest documentary featuring contributions from both the installer and home owner, as well as one of our technical experts. Our aim was to show the reality of a GSHP installation, and to provide a useful resource for anyone thinking of specifying this type of technology.

“We know that GSHPs are a serious investment and that installation can be disruptive. But in the right location and when commissioned to the right specification, GSHP technology is a sound long-term investment, and a reliable renewable technology. This film seeks to evidence that assertion.”

The Meadens describe the project on their blog – which details the renovation project from its start in 2012 to completion in 2013 – as ‘just like Grand Designs, but without the massive budgets’. The GSHP technology was a major aspect of the overall project. “We wish a video like this had been available when we were deciding which technology to use,” added Emma Meaden. “We hope that our experience can inspire and help others.”

The video, available in a full 15-minute version and a shorter three-minute edit, can be viewed on Vaillant’s YouTube channel. Please visit http://www.vaillant.co.uk/products/renewables/ground-source-heat-pumps/ for the full case study, and to find out more.