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Vaillant is endorsing the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council’s (HHIC) ‘Retro Boiler’ label scheme, which aims to inform consumers about the energy performance of their boiler, highlighting when a boiler is inefficient and costly to run.

Vaillant Advance installers can visit the Advance website to request a supply of energy efficiency labels, which can then be placed on all non-condensing boilers with a permanent pilot light, when quoting for a new job or on servicing visits. The labels will act as a visual reminder to customers that they could greatly benefit from a boiler upgrade.

It is hoped that the scheme will result in inefficient and costly boilers being replaced with higher performance models, helping customers to maintain a warm and cosy home for less.

Spencer Clark, Vaillant – Sales Director comments: “Consumers are familiar with energy labelling so it’s great that the industry is coming together to support installers in being more proactive with handling retrofit installations. Ultimately, it’s a win-win situation as it helps installers with their positioning as heating consultants and will benefit homeowners in saving money on their energy bills by choosing to invest in a highly efficient model.”

The HHIC estimates there are approximately 9 million inefficient boilers in the UK. A large proportion of these are over 20 years old and would be classed as ‘zombie boilers’- boilers with old technology that never seem to die, yet remain highly inefficient meaning higher bills for owners, higher carbon emissions and contributing to poor air quality, compared to a modern condensing boiler.

Stewart Clements, Director, HHIC said: “A growing number of consumer electrical products such as washing machines, fridges and vacuum cleaners feature an energy label, which helps consumers to quickly assess how energy efficient their appliances are, and therefore how much it will cost to operate. The heating industry recognised this and under this ‘Retro Boiler’ label scheme will be providing a similar label for older inefficient models.

“A boiler label scheme has operated very successfully in Germany and we believe that it could have a similar impact in the UK. Replacing a Band E or below boiler with an A rated boiler could see gas bills reduced by approximately £150 per year and a saving of 0.7 tonnes of CO2 each year for the typical UK household.”

To request a supply of labels, please visit www.vaillant-advance.co.uk or tweet Vaillant @vaillantuk using #RetroBoilerLabel.