Heat Pump Information

A heat pump is used to move heat energy between two different environments. Heat can be transferred from an area of low temperature to a higher temperature environment.

With a heat pump this can also be reversed and the heat can be taken out from a particular room, similarly to an air conditioner. However, one key feature that separates them is a heat pump has a reversing valve. A reversing valve allows the flow direction to be changed so the heat can be pumped in either direction. Heat pumps use an intermediate fluid known as a ‘refrigerant’. This fluid absorbs heat on vaporisation and discharges heat when it condenses. An evaporator is used to capture the heat from an occupied space and discharge the heat through the condenser.

When the heat pump is switched on to heat mode, a coil positioned outdoors becomes the evaporator whilst the indoor coil acts as the condenser. This allows the absorbed heat from the refrigerant to be dissipated into the passing air providing heat to the room. In cooling mode the reversing valve makes the outdoor coil the condenser whilst the indoor coil now switches to the evaporator. The indoor evaporator absorbs the heat from inside the room and transfers it the condenser where the heat is dissipated into the outside air.

Purchasing and Installing a Heat Pump

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