geoTHERM Geothermal Heating

Energy from the ground can be used by a heat pump to provide useful energy to heat the home. Ground source heat pumps offer excellent energy savings as up to 75% of energy for heating can be extracted from the ground.

geoTHERM is the ideal solution for heating your home. geoTHERM can be connected to a suitable high performance hot water cylinder for domestic hot water and to an underfloor heating or radiator system for space heating.

Geothermal heating uses the heat from the earth to warm the air in a building. Approximately 10 feet below ground the temperature is relatively constant – at around 10⁰C (50⁰F). During Summer months, when the average temperature inside properties is higher, a geothermal heating system pumps a liquid around the property which soaks up the warmth and is then pumped below the ground in pipes where the heat is dissipated – therefore cooling the property (much like a fridge draws warmth out of the air inside it and dissipates it in the air surrounding it). During colder months when the temperature inside a building is lower than that below the ground, the system is reversed and the liquid soaks up heat from the ground and then transfers it into the property – therefore warming it.

The same geothermal heating systems can be hooked up to a desuperheater which is a heat exchanger that uses the warmth from inside the property or the ground, via a geothermal heating pump, to heat water which is fed directly into the properties water storage tank.

Geothermal heating is a renewable energy source that helps the environment by reducing a buildings carbon footprint. Geothermal heating systems can also save a homeowner between 30-70 per cent in heating costs and 20-50 per cent in cooling costs in warmer countries according to the American Environmental Protection Agency.